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Having a child can be one of life's most exciting adventures, and Little Pampered Babies does its best to keep you informed on all stages of early motherhood. Whether you're looking for information regarding pregnancy, baby clothes, baby gifts, baby names, expert help, or parenting seminars, Little Pampered Babies has you covered.

No day is ever the same with a newly born and only you will come to be the expert on your baby. binary options in india Don't expect to be able to tell his or her likes and dislikes right away -- Take the time to discover everything your baby is trying to tell you!

Latest Articles

    Preparing Sibling For a New Baby

    Host Nikki Carroll explains how to prepare your toddler of child for a new baby. Expect less sibling rivalry with these easy and fun tips. This is a huge change for your toddler!

    Breastfeed Tips

    Some people may think that breastfeeding is an innate ability of mother and child. This is partially true in that the first instinct a baby has is to suck. However, most of breastfeeding is an acquired skill that takes a little practice.

    Baby Massage Benefits

    Massaging your infant is easy and enjoyable for both you and baby. The first step is to choose the right place and time for your little one. Any warm, quiet, draft-free place will do nicely, and it’s best to do it at a time when you’re not hurried and baby needs relaxing. Soft music is helpful to relax and set the mood for both of you. It’s also very important to have the right oil.